Beautiful Paul Stankard unique "Experimental" Daisy Art Glass Paperweight. In Excellent Condition. Measures at about 2.9" in diameter and 2" in height. Signed "Paul J. Stankard, Experimental, 1979" on paperweight side. Signature Cane "S" on paperweight side. Features a concave basil rim base. Please see pictures for further description. Stand excluded; only used here for illustrative purposes.


This weight is when Paul began going outside of the box by intentionally unevenly spacing the flower petals in his work. This gives a more realistic natural look rather than the standard balanced and even flowers that is the standard for glass artists. The nature of this of work is an important part of what contributed to propelling him to be the "father of the modern paperweight". 

Paul Stankard Experimental Daisy Art Glass Paperweight